Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes it feels more like spring but winter is really just around the corner

The marina is now and has been in winter mode for more than three weeks now. Yet, there is still little evidence that Rice Lake will be frozen over before Christmas because there are still open areas in McGregor Bay and the big part of Rice Lake is still wide open.

It is hard to get into the spirit of the season. Even with the lights and decorations and of course the Christmas Tree in all it's splendor, it's just not, well you know what I mean . No snow yet just green grass! With about a month to go Jan. 12 2012 before the "Toronto International Boat Show" opens it feels more like boating weather, than the season for skiing.

If you are looking for that family gift for the boat or cottage then conciser an IOU/Gift Card under the tree for that special purchase from the boat show. It looks like there are extra savings in store again this year at the Tohatsu and Nissan Booth. This year we will have a second location in the back section to introduce our NEW INFLATABLE Boat The "DURAS". I will be posting on the boat in a couple of weeks. Great product at a fantastic price.

If you have any questions please give us a call or email because we are still around to answer your questions.

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