Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today it's more like Spring than Winter that's why I'm spending time on the computer

While I was surfing (the web) I came across this neat little guide on the Spring Cottage Lie Show"s website.

This is for the time when your outboard boat motor does not want to start. This handy little flow chart can get you started or at least save you time and cash when you bring it to the marina. There is something that the "handy marina guy" can work with. Telling or indicating what you did on a work order can save time. At least he won't have to do all the same steps that you just covered. On the other hand "it wont start" on the work order means he/she will have to do the diagnostics $$$.

Print it off and post it on the fridge with all the other important notes. Actually, post it on the both fridges, the one at the cottage and the other at home.

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