Monday, April 25, 2011

Even though the weather isn't our best friend this year, work is proceeding never the less. Boats are being launched, boats are being bailed, and we are praying for sunshine and warmer days.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Has spring arrived?

Sunday April 17, 2011

What a change from a couple of days ago. The weather has turned around on a dime!

Yesterday was brutal and unfortunately we had to work mostly outside. A couple of days ago it was seasonable mild and spring like, yesterday it was bone chilling. Cold, frightfully windy, at any time we expected the shelter to blow away. A mixture of heavy down pours of rain mixed with snow added to an already level of discomfort that was almost unbearable. Working in a major winter storm would have been easier!

Today it is a little better, still the wind is biting, the bay has white caps, the temperature hasn’t decided if it wants to stay above the freezing mark or make the plunge. They are calling for snow a little later. This kind of weather make you feel a little more comfortable while watching the hockey play-offs. The sun is trying to come out but I think that I will stay inside a little longer. As I type this blog out, it has started to snow, OH JOY!

The count down has started to the Rice Lake Spring Fishing Festival it starts May 14 2011 and runs through to June 19 2011. Check the website for more details and deals. Highland View Resort and McGregor Bay Marina are offering great deals for the duration of the Festival.

We have our fishing boats already in so boat rentals are available. The black crappie and gills are already active it’s the perfect time catch these delicious treats.

Eventually spring will arrive in earnest so this the time to get your motor ready for the summertime you can avoid the rush and disappointment so get it done now. The sooner that you get them in the sooner we get them back to you.