Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring tune up time

This is the time to have your motor tuned up for summer. Let us give it the once over before the season begins in earnest.

Here is an important tip that could save you a few bucks. NEVER use last years gas, fresh is best.

Safe boating should be your first concern, don't take chances. Keep safe!
Take advantage of the Canadian dollars present value. Prices on new Tohatsu and Nissan motors are even better value.

If the motor you want is not in stock we can order it in for you.

Pleasure models 25 horse power and over come standard with options that other manufacturers charge extra for. Check out our web site for more information.

May the 8th Pickerel aka Walleye fishing opens today. The weather is miserable, there are areas that have had some of that white stuff. Winds are wicked, rain a perfect day for fishing! Not many boats out on the bay (so far only 1).

Great for the fish....