Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Rice Lake Spring Fishing Festival and Walleye Season STARTED TODAY

Celebration Day May 14th

Although it was a soggy Vancouver day here on Rice Lake, that wasn’t enough of a deterrent for some die hard walleye anglers on the season opener. We were fairly busy here at the Marina with boat rentals and seasonal dockers’ requiring assistance. It was a toss up if it was successful or not, as usual “some were lucky others were NOT.

Not only was today a red letter day for walleye but this was the start of the RICE LAKE SPRING FISHING FESTIVAL! So far all tagged fish are still out there as of 7:02 PM on the opener.

Get your rain gear out if you plan to go out in the next several days because the weather man is saying that we can expect more RAIN. Oh Joy.

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